Costa Rica Is the Ultimate Beach-Meets-Jungle Adventure

There’s something about Costa Rica that feels like stepping into a live action Jurassic Park. Hiking the slopes of a volcano in the rainy darkness, the light from my headlamp bobs over giant, wet jungle leaves as I scan for poisonous creatures. Badass local guides point out the wonders the rainforest holds, while monkeys howl in the trees above, toucans with multicolored beaks swoop by, and neon blue- and orange-hued frogs peer up at me with their red beady eyes. Maybe I won’t find any velociraptors this time, but the lush, wild landscape makes it easy to see why the classic dinosaur franchise took place right here in Costa Rica.

Nude and Clothing-Optional Travel 'Nakations' are on the Rise

Don’t let the hot, sticky days of summer get you down – July 14th is National Nude Day. ‘Nakations’ – or naked vacations, are on the rise and the nude and clothing-optional travel industry is booming.

Best Greek Islands to Visit on Vacation

With around 6,000 islands scattered across the Aegean and Ionian Seas, it can be challenging to choose the best Greek islands to visit on vacation.

Best Places to Visit in Central America

Finding it hard to choose the best place to visit in Central America? We don't blame you, as the region is home to an array of sights and natural wonders.

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