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Relaxing holistic massage
Designed for deep relaxation and the realease of pain  70 usd  55 Min.

Aroma therapeutic massage
Therapeutic techniques and a variety of essences
made up a perfect complement for the total relaxation
of body and mind  70 usd  55 min.

Lymphatico training
Specially designed to speed up the blood flow and
gradually help solve the problem of celulities  65 usd  55 min.

Foot Reflexology
there flex points of the feet are directly worked
on in order to activate internal organs 35 usd  25 min.

Back & Neck Relaxing massage
Ideal for relaxing the areas that accumulate the most
tension during daily routines  45 usd  25 min.

Marine Salts Bath
Body exfoliation based on marine salts natural
extracts and essences, removes dead skin cells and
helps regeneration  35 usd  25 min

Silk Veil
A delight for your skin. after body exfoliation.
The chosen treatment is applay to nourish and regenerate  65 usd  55 min.


Facial Tropical
Natural products based on yogurt, avocado, honey,etc.
for a refreshing cleanliness  50 usd  55 min

Facial Cleansing
Your complexion will look moisturized fresh and smooth,
designed for all types of skin  35 usd  25 min

Facial de Luxe
Clean and regenerates face and neck skin leaving a
pleasant appearance. Designed fo all types of skin  60 usd  55 min